Spanish Translation for All Your Municipal Documents.

Conducting a municipal election requires a significant number of election documents to be provided in Spanish as well as English. Amber Wood has provided translation services through the firm for approximately 11 years and is available to provide translation for municipal elections. These materials include registration notices, voting notices, forms, instructions, assistance, and other documents relating to the electoral process, including ballots.

According to state and federal law, if 5% or more of the inhabitants in each election county are of Spanish origin, then election-related agenda items—election orders, posters, ballots, official affidavits and other forms requiring voter’s signature, early voting materials, and all other election information provided to voters must be in English and Spanish. Typically, in Texas, all published election materials must be translated.

Generally, the following information is required to be published in English and Spanish.

  •  Order of Election
  •  Certification of Ballot (in Spanish and other necessary languages) to  County Election Officer if county conducting election
  •  Notice of Election

This is educational material only. Further information regarding bilingual publication requirements and Spanish translation can be provided by contacting the Firm.

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