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Patton Village Mayor Chosen for TML Academy

By February 29, 2016 No Comments

Patton Village Mayor Leah Tarrant has once again been chosen as a moderator for the Texas Municipal League Academy of 2016.  The honor is largely due to the fact that since taking on the mayoral position, Tarrant has continued to illustrate that the betterment of the local community is her top priority.

Her mission to improve the community has led her to pursue the knowledge necessary to oversee city business successfully.

“I believe the key to success is education,” said Tarrant. “Success is the ability to be empowered by knowledge and also being able to have a good memory and a thick skin in order to move the city forward.”

Tarrant was invited to be a part of the first ever Texas Municipal League Leadership Academy in 2014 and was also chosen as a TML moderator for the 2015 TML conference.

“It’s such a great honor,” said Patton Village City Secretary Joy Dawson, expressing her belief that Tarrant deserves the title. “She was the moderator over a session of success stories of small or medium-sized cities. Considering the topic, I think it was an honor that they asked her.”

Tarrant gained the title of Certified Municipal Official through TML following the completion of more than 72 hours of TML training. Once her TML training is complete, she will have over 100 hours of TML training and continued education to utilize in her efforts to help the citizens of Patton Village and the community in its entirety.

“The citizens of Patton Village are long overdue to be recognized as the successful community that they are,” said Tarrant. “Our citizens are hard-working, fun-loving, caring citizens, just like you find in every other community. They have been unjustly labeled in a negative manner because of the corrupt actions of the previous administration and the time has come to stop the stereotypical comments.”

The TML Leadership Academy, which Tarrant was chosen to be a part of, focuses on creating a better city leader by stressing the importance of city business, including stimulating economic growth, keeping citizens safe, providing necessary infrastructure, managing resources, fiscal responsibility and several other factors that come into play as a city leader.