Texas Municipal Law Bulletins

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Reagan v City of Austin (Oct 2020).pdf  Download  
Social Media: Think Before You Block (Jan 2019).pdf  Download  
New Definition of WOTUS? (Dec 2018).pdf  Download  
Holiday Bonuses at City Hall (Nov 2018).pdf  Download  
The Stars at Night - Outdoor Lighting (Oct 2018).pdf  Download  
Anonymous Political Speech (Sept 2018).pdf  Download  
SORROs Update (Aug 2018).pdf  Download  
Religious Displays in City Hall (Nov 2017)  Download  
New Rules for Wireless Cell Nodes (Sept 2017)  Download  
Fees v. Taxes (Oct 2017)  Download  
Disruptive Speech Prohibitions (Aug 24 2017)  Download  
A Few Tips for Legislative Relationships (Aug 18 2017)  Download  
Grants of Public Funds to Religious Entities (Aug 1 2017)  Download  
Personnel Manual Checklist (June 8 2017)  Download  
Buying a House That's Been Declared a Nuisance (May 2 2017)  Download  
Prohibition on Use of Public Funds for Political Advertising (March 28 2017)  Download  
Recent Case Clarifies Complaints Against Police Officers & Firefighters (Mar 7 2017)  Download  
Evicting Citizens from Public Meetings (Feb 21 2017)  Download  
Texas Supreme Court: Attorney-Client Privilege Prevails Over PIA Deadline (Feb 10 2017)  Download  
Service and Emotional Support Animals (Jan 26 2017)  Download  
A Sign It's Time For Change (Oct 2016)  Download  
Using Personal Email Accounts (Sept 2016)  Download  
New Overtime Regs Impact City Budgets (June 2016)  Download  
Eminent Domain Registration (Dec 2015)  Download  
City of Dallas V. TCI West End(May 2015)  Download  
Accomodating Persons with Disabilities (May 2015)  Download  
Bullying In The Workplace (Nov 2014)  Download