Land Use Forms

Application for Rezoning  Download  
Board of Adjustment Guide  Download  
Building Permit  Download  
Building Permit 2  Download  
Building Permit Application 1  Download  
Building Permit Application 2  Download  
Building Permit Application 3  Download  
Building Permit Checklist  Download  
Building Permit Checklist - Commercial  Download  
Certificate of Occupancy  Download  
Conditional Use Permit Application  Download  
Conditional Use Permit Application 2  Download  
Construction After Hours Request  Download  
Contractor Registration  Download  
Contractor Registration 2  Download  
Downtown Revitalization: Strategies that Unify a Community  Download  
Landscape Permit  Download  
Legal Lot Verification Letter  Download  
Map Disclaimer  Download  
Planning and Zoning Guide  Download  
Power of Attorney  Download  
Proof of Service and Posting  Download  
Sign Application  Download  
Sign Application Form  Download  
Site Clearance Permit  Download  
Special Exception Permit  Download  
Special Use Permit  Download  
Special Use Permit - Alcohol  Download  
Special Use Permit Application  Download  
Special Use Permit Notice  Download  
Staff Report on Zoning Case  Download  
Subdivision Application  Download  
Subdivision Application 2  Download  
Subdivision Application 3  Download  
Variance Notice to Neighbors  Download  
Variance Request Form  Download  
Variance Worksheet Sample  Download  
ZBA Variance Decision  Download  
Zoning Application  Download  
Zoning Application 2  Download  
Zoning Variance Application  Download  

City officials might find some of the following sample forms useful. Not all of these forms are appropriate for every type of municipality. Those interested in using these forms are urged to consult their city attorney. The entities that provided these examples have not provided any guarantees regarding the suitability of the documents. All forms are in PDF format.

These documents are provided as examples, only. They are for educational purposes. Neither Alan J. Bojorquez nor the lawyers of the Bojorquez Law Firm, PC, provide those who are inclined to utilize these samples any recommendation or assurances regarding the usefulness of these samples. The free provision of these forms does not constitute legal advice.