Emergency Preparedness Forms

City officials might find some of the following sample forms useful. Not all of these forms are appropriate for every type of municipality. Those interested in using these forms are urged to consult their city attorney. The entities that provided these examples have not provided any guarantees regarding the suitability of the documents.

All forms are in PDF format.

These documents are provided as examples, only. They are for educational purposes. Neither Alan J. Bojorquez nor the lawyers of the Bojorquez Law Firm, PC, provide those who are inclined to utilize these samples any recommendation or assurances regarding the usefulness of these samples. The free provision of these forms does not constitute legal advice.

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Authorizing Use of Public/Private Facility Due to Hurricane  Download  
Agreement Authorizing Use of City Property  Download  
Agreement Authorizing Use of City Property  Download  
Amendment to Interlocal Agreement  Download  
American Red Cross Shelter Agreement  Download  
Burn and Disposal Sites_Galveston 2005  Download  
Burn Ban Dripping Springs_2011  Download  
Bus Fares Waiver_Galveston 2008  Download  
Competitive Bidding During Declared State of Emergency_Galveston 2005  Download  
Conditional Placement of Storage Units and Trailers_Galveston 2011  Download  
Control of Providing Flammable Products_OlsonOlson  Download  
Controlling Prices_Galveston 2007  Download  
Curfew Extension_Galveston 2008  Download  
Curfew Setting_Galveson 2005  Download  
Declaration Continuing Disaster_OlsonOlson  Download  
Declaration Continuing State of Local Disaster_Galveston 2011  Download  
Declaration Controlling Wage, Price, and Rent_Arlington  Download  
Declaring a State of Disaster and Emergency_Galveston 2011  Download  
Disaster Services Cooperation Agreement  Download  
Discontinuing Utilities_OlsonOlson  Download  
Emergency Management Program_Galveston 2009  Download  
Emergency Use Agreement (For Equipment, Supplies, Facilities‚Ķ)  Download  
Emergency Use Agreement. General Clauses  Download  
Extend Emergency Authority and Curfew_Galveston 2009  Download  
FEMA Housing Density_Galveston 2009  Download  
FEMA Reutliizing Existing Housing_Galveston 2008  Download  
1460908293wpdm_Flammable_Products._OlsonOlson.pdf  Download  
Interlocal Agreement - Sample  Download  
Interlocal Cooperation Agreement - Sample  Download  
Interlocal Jamaica Beach Debris Agreement  Download  
Joint Resolution Re-Entry Plan Agreement  Download  
Lease Addendum for Hurricane Victims  Download  
Manadatory Rationing_Galveston 2009  Download  
Manufactured Housing Flood Waiver_Galveston 2008  Download  
Movement of People_OlsonOlson  Download  
Mutual Aid Agreement - Interjurisdictional  Download  
Mutual Aid Agreement for Public Assistance_Galveston 2002  Download  
Mutual Aid Agreement_Galveston 2002  Download  
Personnel Rules and Emergency Designation_Galveston  Download  
Portable Storage Units Temporary Suspension_Galveston 2008  Download  
Rebuild Prohibition_Galveston 2005  Download  
Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages  Download  
Regulation of Explosives  Download  
Removal of Debris_Galveston 2009  Download  
Restrict Access_Galveston 2005  Download  
Right of Entry Ingress Egress Easement_Galveston 2009  Download  
Shelter and Care Agreement_Galveston 2005  Download  
Staging Area License Agreement_Galveston 2011  Download  
Staging Area Site Agreement_OlsonOlson  Download  
Staging Letter_Galveston 2011  Download  
Terminate Mayors Executive Order by City Council_OlsonOlson  Download  
Use of Facility_OlsonOlson.pdf  Download